About Us

Cascadia Leather Company is small by design. Our focus is on creating the nicest things we can. We work in small batches, using the best materials available. We are constantly testing new leathers, new designs, new hardware, new methods, and reassessing what we're trying to create to fine tune how and why we design things. 

Our goal is to create the simplest but most functional pieces possible. While focusing on the beauty that leather naturally offers. 

In the beginning, the purpose was to make things for ourselves, our family and friends, and to explore the craft. Now we're ready to share our designs with others.

We (Erin and Yuri), have been together for 20 years, since high-school. We have 2 young kids, Addy and Koen, and live in Bend, Oregon. Yuri works as a character artist for videogames, and Erin runs the day-to-day of Cascadia Leather Company.