Custom Colors & Personalization

Custom Colors Engraving & Stamping

Cascadia Leather Co. offers personalization of on most or all wallets, either engraved (burnt into leather surface), or stamped (embossed into leather using stamp). We also offer custom colors. For cost and instructions, see below. Please read this entire section if you are considering custom personalization!



Cascadia Leather Co. Can produce any item in custom colors. Colors are limited to availability from tanneries and suppliers. The cost for custom color is 20$ per color. 



Small Engravings (2inx2in) - Free! We're happy to offer small engravings on most of our products. Customers will need to supply the graphics in appropriate resolution in .PNG format.

Large Engravings (up to entire surface) - 15$. Large engravings include up to the entire outer surface of the wallet. Customers will need to supply the graphics in appropriate resolution in .PNG format.

Small Stamping (3inx3in) - 25$. This includes stamp creation. Some graphics (too detailed) are not appropriate for stamping and are either not possible or will require modification. We can help with simple modification of graphics. For stamping, 25$ is a one time fee that includes stamp creation, for subsequent items with the same stamp the fee is only 10$.  


Graphic Files:

We do not provide graphics. Customers will need to supply graphics in appropriate resolution in .PNG format. Graphics will be screened for compatibility with stamping. If graphics are too detailed or intricate we will let you know that its not appropriate for our system. 

For simple graphics, such as initials, we can produce the graphics, but they will be available in only our Logo Font (The part that says CASCADIA). We will not provide proofs or mockups. 


Returns on Engraved or Stamped Products:

We will not accept returns on personalized products. This includes custom colors, stamping, or engraving.  

For more information, or to order a custom color or personalized wallet, please email us at